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Nov 17th ~ Day #133


Woke to a lovely day in Williamsburg…predicted to reach 70 degrees here today! Lazy start (as Sundays should be!) with a Tracy-prepared bacon and egg breakfast, lots of fresh coffee and a little morning tv news...now we have newly installed outside stair carpeting, bug screens on a few open intake areas (something about locking the barn door after the horse….well, you get the picture), vacuumed truck for our upcoming New England trip, reservations made in Pacifica California for Christmas week at Brendan and Nicole’s, as well as Thanksgiving week all nailed down…then a brisk walk in the woods around here followed by some NFL football (no Pats today, though and no broadcast Green Bay, either) Boring…I know! ..but…. all necessary and now it’s cocktail hour…

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Nov 16th ~ Day #132

Jamestown visit and visit to the Degnan's

Jamestown VA~ landing territory for the earliest Amblers. Lots of history and a little more geneology for our perusal . This time Ambler gravesites from the 18th century, photo ops by the Ambler ruins of the early 19th century and a long afternoon by the James River listening to “John Rolf” tell stories of the first settlers…..another trip highlight even for those of us who weren’t born Amblers!
Evening saw us at Ginny and John Degnan’s in Williamsburg. Hours of visiting and catching up on each other, family and friends. We heard all about Timmy’s wedding which John and Ginny will be hosting next Saturday. We guests were rude enough and having such a grand time, they we never left until 1 AM!! ~well, the laundry we brought wasn’t dry till then ;)

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Nov 15th ~ Day #131

TV and backgammon

We have connect! 122 TV stations at our disposal!!!!

Errands, manicure (for one of us) and a brief afternoon snooze (while one of us got a manicure) in preparation for all that upcoming TV!…..I guess you can’t watch it all at one time (and there’s no recording availability) but we did avail ourselves of as many

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Nov 14th ` Day #130

Our Tailgater and Chicken Louisa

More hard work on setting up our TV “Tailgater” lots of time on the phone as well as the roof!!
And at the end of the day a great on-the-road dinner: Chicken Louisa (in honor of our recent overnighter in the VA city of the same name!
Pounded chicken breast, saute’d with shallots, white wine, chicken stock, fresh tomatoes, tarragon and a little heavy cream (what’s not to like?) garnished with fresh chives and served over “cauliflower rice”

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Nov 13 ~ Day #129 (day correction)

Swift Creek Mill

Finally a combination of a slow and leisurely morning, a little Today Show, 2 cups of coffee and a nice feeling of settling in..Trace spent the morning doing one of the things he does best! Setting up, fixing and repairing. This time it was a couple of hours of work on setting up our long-held but as yet unset up TV satellite. And the result of said work and phone calls was to get into our truck and travel about 50 miles to Chester VA to the “dish store”…which coincidently was down the street from Brett’s old theater which is newly reopened after a 6 month multimillion dollar historical refurbishment. We visited, toured and especially nice, spent about an hour with Tom Width, the Artistic Director and his partner and musician, Paul Deitz. A great afternoon and a fortuitous trip!

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