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Nov 3rd ~ Day #119-121

St Louis Missouri

arrive St Louis Missouri, home of one Ms Amanda Earls who has given us guidance only a native can provide. A trip to the FREE St Louis Zoo, a driving tour of Forest Park, a perfect private trolley tour of most of St Louis and then St Louis Ribs from the iconic and highly recommended Paddy’s Smoke House…a trip food highlight!

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Oct 1st ~Oct 24th Days #87-91

Birthday in Colorado (Full Monty)

Off to Denver from nearby Wilmington Airport- for HALF what it cost to fly from the northeast. Oct 1st through the 5th was hangin’ out with Patrick and Devon, seeing Brett and Amanda in The Full Monty and….hiking in the Rockies on my birthday before returning home to our rig in the evening. Landed at Wilmington at 10:15 and we were turning into the park by 10:45. And…at about midnight we were again driving OUT of the park. STINKBUGS!!!!!!!! Probably 1000 Stink Bugs. We battled for about an hour then retreated to a hotel. Back the next morning armed with a powerful vacuum and spray bottles and buckets of soapy water………………….next follows ONE MONTH of bug battling and the eventual purchase of a new (and hopefully bug resistant) rig. Bugs were battled with above methods as well as a professional exterminator and daily buckets of drowned bugs being thrown out in soapy bowls of water…hundreds and hundreds.

One of Nance's more interesting haircut and color experiences was had here in Colonial Beach VA. Tilly, the beautician, (picture Drew Carey's secretary, complete with teased hair and brilliant blue eye shadow).... has been cutting hair in Colonial Beach in her home for almost 50 years! First of all..Tilly uses the least expensive hair color know to man and after estimating what color she should use on me (rather than using a conversion chart for the "recipe" as I call it, that I carry around with me from Aoiefa , my Cape Cod hairdresser...which has worked perfectly for the last 3 months) she estimates a Clairol color.Then suggests to her colorist, that would be her sister, who was hanging out having a cigarette when I first walked into the shop (?), that she "crush 2 aspirin into the color to darken it a little bit....WHAT???? Am I allergic to aspirin??? whatever! at least she didn't remove stray color from my face after the color job with cigarette ashes... which she noted is very effective!! oh and...it was by far, the most expensive cut and color yet! (must be the high overhead in her home and such expensive products...or... maybe she saw me coming!)
In the meantime, Trace thoroughly researched new (hopefully bug resistant) rigs...after 10 days, which included a quick trip to Washington DC to have lunch with Patrick and Jen and a trip to Berlin, CT and then by ferry to Bellport, LI (NY) to bury Trace’s Aunt Emily, and an overnight with Puerto Rico friends Bill and Toni Crossthwaite in MD, we headed for Chanute KS. A TWO AND A HALF DAY TRIP found us in a city campground in a parking lot in Chanute across from the Ford dealer from which we had arranged to buy our new (used) Ford ¾ ton pickup and just up the road from Kansas RV which would be selling us our new (used) 2009 NuWa Hitchhiker LS 31.5 foot rig!

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Nov 15th ~ Day #131


We have connect! 122 TV stations at our disposal!!!!

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Nov 14th ` Day #130

Satellite Dish

More hard work on setting up our TV “Tailgater” lots of time on the phone as well as the roof!!
And at the end of the day a great on-the-road dinner: Chicken Louisa (in honor of our recent overnighter in the VA city of the same name!
Pounded chicken breast, saute’d with shallots, white wine, chicken stock, fresh tomatoes, tarragon and a little heavy cream (what’s not to like?) garnished with fresh chives and served over “cauliflower rice”

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Nov 13 ~ Day #129 (day correction)

visiting Swift Creek Mill

Finally a combination of a slow and leisurely morning, a little Today Show, 2 cups of coffee and a nice feeling of settling in..Trace spent the morning doing one of the things he does best! Setting up, fixing and repairing. This time it was a couple of hours of work on setting up our long-held but as yet unset up TV satellite. And the result of said work and phone calls was to get into our truck and travel about 50 miles to Chester VA to the “dish store”…which coincidently was down the street from Brett’s old theater which is newly reopened after a 6 month multimillion dollar historical refurbishment. We visited, toured and especially nice, spent about an hour with Tom Width, the Artistic Director and his partner and musician, Paul Deitz. A great afternoon and a fortuitous trip

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