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Nov 3rd ~ Day #119-121

St Louis Missouri

arrive St Louis Missouri, home of one Ms Amanda Earls who has given us guidance only a native can provide. A trip to the FREE St Louis Zoo, a driving tour of Forest Park, a perfect private trolley tour of most of St Louis and then St Louis Ribs from the iconic and highly recommended Paddy’s Smoke House…a trip food highlight!

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Oct 31 ~ Day #117-118

first night in our new home

Paradise Lake is a 300 acre park on several lakes. It’s been sunny and lovely here and we STILL love our new rig and truck! We’re in the getting ‘ usta phase as Meghan Grace would say…
From this vantage point near Kanas City we were able to do a photo tour of a Rautenbusch ancestral workplace… great Grampa Joseph John Rautenbusch was a mason involved in the building of the Leavenworth Penitentiary which I saw on a beautiful sunny warm day, as well as visiting the site of his former homestead. A great day!

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Oct 25th Day #112 ~ 117

Leaving Chanute Kansas with new rig and truck!

We took ownership of both new “vehicles” which involved a week of purchases, trade-ins, registrations, unregistrations, insurance arrangements, daily and bi-daily trips to the Walmart and THE BOSTON RED SOX WINNING THE WORLD SERIES! (an event I watched alone in a great little Chanute bar called Mel’s, where we had been treated to our first meal in town by a benevolent mystery man who turned out to be the car dealer’s brother…welcome to Kansas) Eventually we transferred “all our earthly belonging” into our 2nd rig of the trip and our 3rd truck. This particular event culminated in the final collapsing of our rig in which we found EIGHTY more LIVE STINK BUGS… hopefully no more were discovered by the dealership to whom we sold it before we left town!…….. We were off again….almost …on our last day in Chanute my phone rang as I stepped into our new rig in the pouring rain carrying 2 arms full of groceries... A frustrating cal,l as I was greeted with much loud hilarity from Devon who had obviously “butt dialed” me. I waited patiently till the hilarity calmed down and when silence prevailed I said something like.,. “it’s pouring here” to which my Darling Daughter Devon responded… “don’t you have any excitement for me???” “HUH”?, I said. “I just got engaged”!!! and so it begins……A beautiful young bride and her deaf mother ;)
This time we progressed at a much more leisurely pace. Saying goodbye to the wide open spaces, pathetic dining options, ever available Walmart and extremely nice local folk, we headed for our first official night in our new apartment-like rig . Our virgin campsite was in Lone Jack MO …we are now buying diesel fuel at much higher rates and getting barely double digit MPG, however……we LOVE our new home and new fully loaded truck!

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Sept 30 Day #86

Arrival at Lum's State Park ~ Wilmington DE

Arrive at the now infamous Lum’s State Park in Wilmington DE….lakeside, beautiful and practically deserted. We were here in preparation for our upcoming “vacation from our retirement” trip to Colorado.

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Sept 27th Day #83 -85

Amish Country and Litiz PA

We last checked in with our very happy travelers in Lancaster PA leaving for Manheim PA and a Thousand Trails camp called PA Dutch, located in the heart of Amish country. After an only 2 hour drive we were rewarded with a sunny campsite in the woods. Our first day of exploring took us deeper into the heart of Amish Country and to a fabulous indoor 150 year running farmer’s market. We escaped after buying only one cup of apple cider and took only pictures! A tour of the “Best Little Small town in America” (2013 winner) known as Lititz PA resulted in one of our nicest lunches on the road at the Bull’s Head English Pub, a walking tour of The “world famous Wilbur Candy Factory and its Wilbur Buds (like Hershey’s Kisses, but 15 years older) and another walking tour of the popular Kitchen Kettle Village where we got gifts and postcards only. It was perfect to get to see and talk about local quilts and quilt making with the natives! Then out to dinner at Miller’s famous Smorgasbord. All you can eat (including Shoo Fly Pie!) for a modest price. Yum.

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