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September 16th ~ Day #72

Jim and Edie caldwell

The day of reckoning …pack up the whole rig, collapse it and haul it on over to the local RV dealer for diagnosis and repair. No new converter but a new “distribution board . . . see pictures of Trace and Andy overhauling the electronics! Long walk through downtown Dover which features turn of the (last) century houses along what we understand used to be an old trolley line.
We treated ourselves to a campfire which was only passable due in part to the wet local wood and poor ignition of old tax records for kindling. Our outdated tax “kindling” burned with a lovely green flame, though. This caused Nance to march over to fellow camper’s fire and announce she had “fire envy”. Seems they had reclaimed a large partially burned log which they’d left 8 days ago to move on to another campsite. They soon asked us to join them at their roaring blaze and offered us some of their “Jack” (no thanks, but nice offer!) eat your heart out Ryan! We toured their classic new airstream and we STILL love our own little collapsible home but full height storage and a walk-in shower looked mighty nice! Nance left with a handmade knitted scarf from our new friend Edie Caldwell. Very nice couple from northern Virginia.

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September 15th - day #71

converter repair

In keeping with our ongoing policy of one trip to the ice cream store every month (and we do miss our Cape Cod Creamery!) while in PA we had to sample Hershey ice cream…featured at both of our last two campsites and everywhere we shop . Today’s treat was two cups of premium ice cream from our camp store . . . the very same one that sells those “trailer trash” strings of lights ;) We had combos of cappuccino crunch with chocolate and chocolate with mint choc chip…all for $5.50! (HALF of our expenditure on the Cape!)
Our afternoon also included a trip to an RV repair shop to check out its whereabouts and hours. Since it was Sunday, we didn’t expect to find it open and planned on another “candlelight” dinner. Luckily we ran into Steve, the owner, who mulled over our converter problem with Trace and put us on his schedule for tomorrow…..not without first insisting we leave with his battery charger for the night (without even knowing our names!) Trace thought he might have had to leave Nance for collateral if we’d been in, say, NYC! Welcome to Penn-sa-vania

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Saturday September 14th - Day #70

A day at the York Fair

A day at the fair!! Is the York Fair as terrific as Nance remembers the Brockton Fair (held each year less than a mile from her home) to be? We walked down a great, ride-filled midway, saw and sampled some ridiculously fun, fattening food. Lunch was a cup of homemade crab chowdah for Nance and pulled pork for Trace…both delicious! We saw fun houses and Horticultural houses, award winning 546# pumpkins, crafts, horse shows , and even a brief glimpse of Tom Corbett, the governor of PA . The verdict??? Just about the same as the Brockton Fair minus the free “children’s day” admission or…crawling under the fence, as Brockton children sometimes did ;). When we got back, we found almost no “juice” for our lights (all on the 12 volt system) or anything else requiring 12 volt input. Too late to find help, so Trace went to the campground store to find some sort of lamp (we had 110 power, but the converter – converting 110 AC to 12 volt DC – seemed to have shut down) we could plug in to provide light for preparing and eating dinner. After a thorough search, he returned with a string of Christmas lights (complete with little lanterns – Jim Caldwell, our new friend from Northern VA calls them “trailer trash” though Edie Caldwell disagrees). They were like candlelight, sort of.

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Friday the 13th - Day #69

to TT Gettysburg Farm

Fold up and store the soggy laundry and we’re off . . . next destination -Thousand Trails at Gettysburg Farm in Dover Township PA, outside of York and a short distance from Gettysburg. We’ll be spending almost a week biding our time waiting to visit our friends the Dickinsons in Pittsburg next Friday the 20th. We will be biding our time in a beautiful campgrounds on the shores of the North Creek on a working farm, though. It’s lovely. …
Boring laundry, catching up with life and a walk around our new digs….

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September 12th - Day #68

Hersey Chocolate Tour & RV Show, plus ....flooded tub!

Well we’re in Hershey, therefore…it’s time to eat some chocolate! A tour of the Hershey Chocolate world …more steps to making a chocolate bar than there are to an Irish step dance! We graciously offered to participate in a survey which consisted of sampling a small cup of large M&Ms, answer questions and leave with a sample bag of Rolos and a Hersey Bar for our troubles. Today’s also the day we checked to see how the other half lives. Right next to Chocolate World is the Giant Center…and it is! It hosts the country’s largest RV show every year at this time. We arrived just as the rains did so we dashed inside to check out all the vendors. So far we’ve managed our trip almost entirely without TV but we did make a long stop at the Dish Network display…hhhmmmm. Our only purchase?? A Stove Top Grill for smokeless grilling inside our rig, especially on rainy nights 
Our outside touring consisted primarily of a walk through several new Trail Manor Rigs (ours is a 2008) New looks, shiny floors and no collected debris yet inside those rigs . . . but all in all we still like our own home! Then…we did check to see how the other half lives…very well, it seems! Our next hour was spent walking in and out of brand new high end Redwoods by Thor. They are 5th wheels (sits in the back of your very big pick up) rigs. Living room with seating for 4, separate dining area, electric fireplace and big screen TVs, 2 or 4 door refrigerator/freezers and granite-like counter tops on the island in the kitchen Up 2-3 stairs to the bedroom with a queen size bed, second TV…..walk in closets, walk in showers……..shall I go on??? Well . . . as I said, we bought ONLY a Stove Top Grill! Back to our humble abode . . . well kind of humble . . . we just now got our monthly status report from On Star and it seems 3 of our truck tires are very slightly soft…WHAT??? Who beams that stuff up???
And our discovery on return to our rolling home……a bathtub full of water caused by Nancy seemingly leaving the water on (but shut off on the shower spray) earlier in the day……now, under the cover of darkness . . . Nance goes in and out of the rig carrying dishpans full of smelly water to bail out the tub. Our holding tank is full to overflowing and we have only water and electric hookups and NO DUMP…..hoping our neighbors don’t notice our illegal discharge of water by the bucket into the woods she lowers the tub to what she hopes is below sloshing level so we can limp over to the dump station the next day. There was also an extensive display of “dirty laundry” hanging on and about the rig overnight.

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