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Nov 20th ~ Day #137

packing for our Thanksgiving trip north

We’ve now just purchased about $80-$100 worth of Virginia peanuts to soften the hearts of all our northern friends when we arrive at their doorsteps ;), gotten a “required manicure”, an inexpensive pair of black boots for the predicted icey weather in New England, a bit of food and some serious packing!

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Nov 19th ~ Day #136 Happy Birthday Devon !

a day at Starbuck's pirating WIFI

Our wifi deprivation has lead us to an afternoon sit-in and $11 worth of mochas (that’s only TWO coffees) at Starbuck’s to pirate their signal. 3 hours later we now have a bead on our upcoming trip plans! They will involve a nearly 3 week “vacation from retirement,” as we call it, without our rig, during which time we’ll “visit” and mooch off of our friends and relatives in the North East , spend Thanksgiving at Ryan and Christina’s and return south to reunite with our rig in Willliamsburg then start heading south (finally) along the US south coast toward Austin TX where we’ll again store the rig and fly the rest of the way to Brendan’s…..

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Nov 18th ~Day #135

lunch in Williamsburg VA at Berretts

A warm sunny day in beautiful Colonial Williamsburg
A culinary first for me~ a shrimp Po Boy sandwich~ been there done that, probably won’t revisit that sandwich. Legend beer was quite another thing! How could anyone complain about a terrace luncheon in a magnificent setting in Virginia??? Accomplished some Christmas shopping poking in and out of all the great little shops to be perused! I did enjoy what has become a rare treat and Trace kinda enjoyed it too, I think! And of course the ubiquitous Walmart, propane, liquor store and Trader Joe's rounded out our day!

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Nov 18th ~ Day #134

A lazy day at the Williamsburg campsite

Woke to a lovely day in Williamsburg…predicted to reach 70 degrees here today! Lazy start (as Sundays should be!) with a Tracy-prepared bacon and egg breakfast, lots of fresh coffee and a little morning tv news...now we have newly installed outside stair carpeting, bug screens on a few open intake areas (something about locking the barn door after the horse….well, you get the picture), vacuumed truck for our upcoming New England trip, reservations made in Pacifica California for Christmas week at Brendan and Nicole’s, as well as Thanksgiving week all nailed down…then a brisk walk in the woods around here followed by some NFL football (no Pats today, though and no broadcast Green Bay, either) Boring…I know! ..but…. all necessary and now it’s cocktail hour…Later!

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Nov 16th ~ Day #132

Jamestown VA and a visit with the Degnans

Jamestown VA~ landing territory for the earliest Amblers. Lots of history and a little more geneology for our perusal . This time Ambler gravesites from the 18th century, photo ops by the Ambler ruins of the early 19th century and a long afternoon by the James River listening to “John Rolf” tell stories of the first settlers…..another trip highlight even for those of us who weren’t born Amblers!
Evening saw us at Ginny and John Degnan’s in Williamsburg. Hours of visiting and catching up on each other, family and friends. We heard all about Timmy’s wedding which John and Ginny will be hosting next Saturday. We guests were rude enough and having such a grand time, they we never left until 1 AM!! ~well, the laundry we brought wasn’t dry till then ;)

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